First of all, look at those eyes. Understanding that the last several days have been spent at the computer, Boh has been hanging out, looking forlorn, under my desk. The good news is that yesterday I turned in a big paper. Which means the worst is over, and while I still have a bit of reading, writing, and grading spread out over the next few weeks, I’m back. And happy about it.

And now I need your help! My cousin is getting married this summer, and I’ve been attempting to find a dress to wear. I’m thinking about this one:

(Forgive the awkward bad mirror picture.) She’s asked me to do a reading at the wedding, which is in a church, which means I need something to cover my shoulders. And here’s where the brainstorming comes in. Clearly, it would be awesome if I could knit myself something to go with this dress. What should I make? A shawl? A shrug? In what color? I’d love to hear what you think.

And I’ll have knitting and spinning to share soon — I promise.


14 thoughts on “brainstorming.

  1. I think a beautiful shawl would be pretty and more versatile than a shrug. Swallowtail, Shetland Triangle etc… Pick a color in the dress.

  2. First of all, that is a CUTE dress. And I think a shrug would make a great accompaniment. Looking through the shrugs on Ravelry (totally procrastinating at work right now), the ones that jump out at me are the Ribbed Lace Bolero, Laura Chau’s Top-Down Shoulder Warmer, and Gaia by Kayla Dyches (that one is REALLY cool). I was going to say black, but love Jodi’s suggestion of coral, too. Or maybe a dusty light blue? Is that crazy?

  3. I think a shrug would do it and I agree the coral would be awesome. The Gaia IS really cool (and looks to be quick!). Actually most of Hilary’s suggestions are pretty spot on, so I would consider hiring her as your stylist here and make your life easy!

  4. I really like the dress (and the look of shrugs over strapless dresses).

  5. I think that a light pink or white shawlette would look VERY pretty with that.

  6. I don’t know what you should knit, but I do know that that dress is beautiful, especially with you in it. Pretty pretty pretty.

  7. Huzzah for being almost done! And for pretty dresses! I think a shawl or a shrug would be perfect … maybe it’ll just depend on what you want to knit?

  8. Definitely a shrug if you are reading. Shawls tend to slip and slide and you’ll need your hands for holding on to whatever you are reading, not trying to mess with a shawl. Voice of experience speaking!

  9. Love the dress. I personally would go with a shrug. In my case the shawl would come off my shoulders, fall to the ground and I would be wishing I had a shrug on. Congrats on almost being finished with school.

  10. If you are inclined to want a shawl, don’t forget there are some wonderful shawl pins to secure one in place. Love the dress!

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