A lazy Saturday brunch.

This evening’s activities: prepping for my final sections, snuggling with Boh.

Boh responds unfavorably to my attempts at photo composition.

I’m itching to spend some time with my knitting needles and my wheel. A few more days filled to bursting with meetings and final class sessions, and then I’ll have big enough chunks of time to warrant focusing on my end-of-semester writing, which will likely require some dedicated time for thinking (read: knitting/spinning).


5 thoughts on “pancakes/eggers.

  1. Brunch is the best! Yay for the end of the semester and more time for thinking/knitting/spinning. I hope my future involves pancakes and bacon, that’s for sure. Boh is such a (cute) diva model.

  2. I have been stopping by your blog for a few weeks now and just wanted to say that Hi. Your dog Boh is such a CUTIE! This picture is great and I look forward to seeing some of your knitting projects as well. Good luck with finals.

  3. Did you finish the book? How did you like it? I read it after my stepdaughter did; such a sad commentary.

  4. Good luck finishing everything. Such a gruelling time of year, I know. Now you have me looking at composition (I was once in art school after all…) cool that you have a triangular layout in all 3 photos! And yellow and brown tones. Good job you guys! :)

  5. Yum! Hurray that the end of the semester is in sight.

    While I’m not getting much writing done right now, I am packing about a ZILLION boxes of books. And yarn. And kitchen stuff. Yikes!

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