baked chicken meatballs.

Still grading, still writing, still scrambling to figure out some kind of balance. Meatballs help. Especially these meatballs. The recipe has been waiting patiently in my binder o’ things to try, and I rediscovered it during a procrastinatory (yep, I’m making up words) purge of the recipe pile a few weeks ago. Enter a meat-eating boy. How could I not make these for dinner? Surprisingly quick, incredibly delicious, and perfect with a spring salad of romaine, radishes, carrots, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese.

No knitting — but I’ve done a (very) little bit of writing. If only the 100 words I’ve written here could somehow count towards the 1000 I need to turn in tomorrow…

Hope the sun is shining where you are. Here, it has made all the difference.


5 thoughts on “baked chicken meatballs.

  1. Mmmm, those meatballs DO look good. I think we need to give those a try. Keep on truckin’, you’re nearing the finish line!

  2. Meatballs = brainfood. Though I consider just about anything brainfood at this point. Good luck the writing! (And blogs should really count. How can we make this happen?)

  3. YUMMY. Procrastination really can make one super-productive in other areas! My office is never as clean as when there are things on my to-do list that I don’t feel like doing. Good luck with the writing!!

  4. I’ve made these meatballs too, many times, they freeze super well too. I don’t eat red meat so I switched out the panchetta with turkey bacon one time and left it out afterwards, they just are good no matter what.

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