flowers and a wurm.

And pancakes. For dinner.

I managed to knit a few rows on my wurm hat while at a lecture on Springsteen on Monday afternoon. I realize it doesn’t look like I’ve made any progress, but it felt good to have this project in my hands again. I could listen to Thunder Road over and over (oh wait, I do), and my week is certainly better than it would have been because I was able to listen to Bruce, blaring loud, in a rather stuffy lecture hall. (Roy Orbison’s singin’ for the lonely/hey that’s me and I want you only.)

And then I filled my apartment with flowers, which is an important step in grading a huge stack of papers. Clearly.


7 thoughts on “flowers and a wurm.

  1. hi Amy! Any lecture that includes Bruce sounds like a good time to me! And you get to knit too! I love the Wurm hat pattern – perfect for handspun!

  2. Sounds like you have things in order – pancakes for dinner, knitting, flowers for grading. Well done, and congratulations to a (near) complete semester.

  3. Flowers are the most important step. Way to go on getting that taken care of! Good luck finishing off the semester … and happy Wurm-ing. (It’s so pretty in handspun.)

  4. I’m loving how that handspun is knitting up, and I agree, fresh flowers make lots of things better–good luck grading!

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