ear up.

Self-explanatory, right? For a brief moment yesterday, I was feeling okay about my piles of things to do. The sun was shining, so after we finished a book, Boh and I went for a run. Half an hour, nice and slow. Though this is the first run we’ve taken in something like six months, the second I got out my running shoes, Boh began to whimper. He remembers…and when he isn’t being lazy, he loves running. It was nice to see that he needs to ease back into it too. (In fact, we probably ran not quite 3 miles, and we turned towards home because Boh was slowing down! Don’t get me wrong, my muscles certainly greeted me loudly when I rolled out of bed this morning.)

He snored for hours after our run. It’s almost as if he just plain forgot to put his ear down.

Are you taking pictures of me again?

Also, late last night I decided to put something else on the wheel. (During break,  I was spinning every day, and this week I haven’t been able to find the time. So I made some.) This is 6 oz. of 50% merino/50% other wool in a gorgeous range of deep greens and blues from Friends’ Folly Farm in Maine. My dear friend H. (her last name initial, since that’s what I call her) picked this up for me at a sustainability fair of some sort this fall and surprised me with it. I was itching to spin a 2-ply, and decided that this might be just the thing. This stuff drafts like a dream, and part of the way through putting the first 3 oz. on the bobbin, I switched to spinning this in more of a long-draw type method, and my singles became even more even. Here’s a less than awesome shot of the bobbin. I blame the lateness and the harsh overhead light.

While I was working on this, emails adding to my workload/stress for the weekend arrived in my inbox. Isn’t that always how it goes? I’m glad I claimed some spinning time last night, and I’m going to aim to spin the other half of this luscious stuff over the weekend. Happy Friday! (And if you’re in the East, happy sunshine!)


5 thoughts on “ear up.

  1. I love the colors in that fiber. We took Lola and Rudy for a long walk last weekend and noticed they both started to poop out after about an hour. Time to turn around when that happens.

  2. Does Boh mind being called adorable? Because that’s what he is. And that fiber: gor.gee.ous.

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