rain encourages worms (wurm?)

Apologies for my lame attempt at connecting this evening’s steady rainfall with my current handspun hat-in-progress, the oh-so-lovely wurm. This is the knitting that lives in my bag, which means I mostly pull it out before yoga, or when I have less than 15 minutes between obligations. (More than 15 minutes, and I’m probably reading.)

It was a long Monday, so I came home and put on my cozy green sweater and my super-ripped up jeans. I actually did the same thing when I got home today. Sigh.

Boh curled up on my toes while I finished a book for a discussion tomorrow, and then he settled into a deep snore-laden sleep. Sweet, sweet pooch.


5 thoughts on “rain encourages worms (wurm?)

  1. We’ve had little spring rain, but I hear it’s coming.
    Great green sweater!! The handspun hat looks very pretty.

  2. I’m envious of such a cozy day…beautiful green sweater and could Boh look any sweeter!

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