FO: tigerlily (and some shalom progress).

In an attempt to hide from reality (spring break is over, I’m heading to campus in an hour), I spun up the second half of my AVFKW falklands fiber in the tigerlily colorway yesterday. This is 48 yards of worsted weight, navajo plied yarn, from 1.5 oz of fiber — exactly the same yardage that I got from the first half. This clearly wants to be something paired — fingerless mitts, perhaps?

And here’s where I’m at with Shalom. I knit all of that stockinette on Saturday night, at a knit-friendly dinner party, and I’m hoping that I can maintain my momentum on this sweater now that spring break is over. (Can you tell I’m still pouting about that?) Despite my lack of a gauge swatch, plan, or pattern obedience, it appears that this sweater is the perfect size. Thank you, top down sweater construction.

Boh and I are off to take a quick walk this morning before I head to campus, as Mondays are pretty busy days. Hope your week is off to a good start!


6 thoughts on “FO: tigerlily (and some shalom progress).

  1. Hey, that’s pretty cool you got the exact same yardage as the first half. Fingerless mitts for sure! I’m sorry to hear spring break is over. I’d be pouting, too. :( :(

  2. Spring break really needs to be longer. We had ours a month ago, and I’m ready for another one. I hope your transition back to work goes smoothly!

  3. I’m all for denial when it comes to breaks being over. Hope Monday went smoothly …

  4. I love the whole concept of a “knit-friendly dinner party”! I wish I could suggest that to my in-laws. :-)

    Yeah, I’m in the mood for another week or two of spring break myself…

    The spinning is looking great, and you’ve certainly been productive craftwise!

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