More playing in the kitchen this weekend: homemade pizza and these double chocolate muffins, with walnuts and almond extract subbed for the butterscotch chips and vanilla.

Also, some spinning. This is Southern Cross Fibre merino in Bluestone — my first club shipment! It arrived on Thursday, and by Friday afternoon it was on my wheel. I spun all 4 oz. as singles, and this morning, sat down to navajo ply the whole lot.

My Bluestone is taking a bath right now, and soon it will be hanging to dry in the kitchen. On the list for today? Reading and knitting on Shalom:

Shalom matches the book I intend to finish today! Happy Saturday, folks.


5 thoughts on “pizza/plying.

  1. I think I gain weight just reading your blog…. Yum!

    That yarn is SOOO beautiful. Those colors are EXACTLY what is appealing to me right now. Everything I think about knitting is in some combo of that smoky blue/tan combo. You are doing such an amazing job with the spinning!

    Hope your weekend is filled with more good things!

  2. Yummy–to everything! I’m greatly impressed with your navajo plying–this yarn looks so different and much more uniform than your initial attempts–It’s awesome! I haven’t tried navajo plying, but my teacher demonstrated it to me–lots of skill required!

  3. Matching is the most fun. Homemade pizza … yum! I’ve got to do that soon. Very soon. (I say that but never manage it …)

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