ravioli muscles.

Oof. First of all, my ravioli-making muscles are a little sore. (That’s a technical term — they are tiny, and located in the middle of the back.) This is a small (and totally worth it) price to pay for homemade ravioli, in case you’re wondering.

My friends D and T came over last night, along with their sweet dog Coltrane, for a special dinner sort of in honor of D’s recent birthday. Just as we were about to dig in, they said something like, “Wait! Don’t you want to take a picture for the blog?” They know me well.

I followed this ravioli recipe, and the resulting meal was incredible. We also enjoyed my dad’s Caesar salad recipe, and an apple pie. It was a super fun evening, and despite the fact that my parents’ pasta maker (which lives at my house) is missing a few pieces are really requires two people to properly operate it without lots of curse words, I am jonesing for more homemade pasta…

Also, I’ve finished the yoke of Shalom! I did do an extra repeat of the yoke pattern in order to get closer to the neck to armpit distance I need, and I am excited. It is a little small right now, but I’m confident (fingers crossed) that it will block out to the slim fit I’m hoping for. My button holes look a little messy — note to self — I don’t do the bind off/cast-on button holes well, but I’m sure I can clean that up a bit with yarn needle and some extra ends. Onward to the mindless stockinette portion!

Happy Friday!


11 thoughts on “ravioli muscles.

  1. You are making me long for the two things you posted about. Those ravioli look delicious and I think the sweater is absolutely beautiful so far! I really am in awe of how quickly you are able to knit.

    Hope you had a wonderful spring break!

  2. That pasta is making my mouth water–those are some lucky friends you have! Also, Shalom is looking fabulous, I love that color on you!

  3. Wow, those look good! I was planning to try out my pasta maker on Sunday w/raviolis…your post has added fuel to the fire of my excitement about it!

  4. Yummmrrprehhghheh (oops, sorry, just drooled all over the keyboard). Homemade ravioli AND Caesar salad AND apple pie? Whoa.

    Shalom looks great! I love that twisted rib yoke and really like the look of it with a 4th section. You’ll be done and wearing it in no time!

  5. After a week of low carb dieting, your ravioli looks like the food of the gods to me. LOL. What a nice dinner to share with friends.

  6. Dinner looks delish! I must try making ravioli.

    I love the colour you chose for the Shalom, cant wait to see the FO.

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