false start.

I know the Superbowl isn’t until Sunday — and let’s face it, I will be at yoga Sunday afternoon instead of anywhere near a television — but I couldn’t resist the penalty reference.

Today, my slow and steady progress on Kerrera came to a screeching halt. Somehow, I managed to drop some loops or otherwise majorly $%&* up the double garter stitch in such a way that I could not repair it. In fact, my attempts at fixing just made it worse.

I think that qualifies as a false start, no?

An hour ago, I was exasperated, so I took a few deep breaths, made a cup of strong cocoa, and decided to attempt productivity at something in the work pile.

After dinner, though, I’m casting on again.


10 thoughts on “false start.

  1. Oh bummer! I hate those false starts. So frustrating.

    I’m excited to see more of your Kerrera…I just bought that pattern and think it’s such a cool design.

  2. Oh bummer! I’ve got to say that I love the way the double garter looks, but I absolutely hate knitting it. I’ve got one more row and I can’t wait.

  3. Strong cocoa is a great remedy for knitting maladies. I’m sure you’ll be back on track soon!

  4. UGH!!! so sorry for your false start, but with your talent, there is no doubt in my mind that you will do even better the second time around!

  5. Ah, well, I’m trolling blog sites because I don’t want to face that I need to tear a hat back for the third time. A cabled hat. So frustrated. So I went looking at other people’s knitting instead. I hope you recover quickly!

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