false start.

I know the Superbowl isn’t until Sunday — and let’s face it, I will be at yoga Sunday afternoon instead of anywhere near a television — but I couldn’t resist the penalty reference.

Today, my slow and steady progress on Kerrera came to a screeching halt. Somehow, I managed to drop some loops or otherwise majorly $%&* up the double garter stitch in such a way that I could not repair it. In fact, my attempts at fixing just made it worse.

I think that qualifies as a false start, no?

An hour ago, I was exasperated, so I took a few deep breaths, made a cup of strong cocoa, and decided to attempt productivity at something in the work pile.

After dinner, though, I’m casting on again.


10 thoughts on “false start.

  1. Oh bummer! I hate those false starts. So frustrating.

    I’m excited to see more of your Kerrera…I just bought that pattern and think it’s such a cool design.

  2. Oh bummer! I’ve got to say that I love the way the double garter looks, but I absolutely hate knitting it. I’ve got one more row and I can’t wait.

  3. Ah, well, I’m trolling blog sites because I don’t want to face that I need to tear a hat back for the third time. A cabled hat. So frustrated. So I went looking at other people’s knitting instead. I hope you recover quickly!

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