Today is my golden birthday. No, I’m not turning fifty. (Yet.) I am, however, 28 on 2-8, which is apparently what makes today golden.

Mondays are super busy for me this semester, so in terms of celebrating with friends, I’m pretending that my birthday isn’t until later in the week.

I do think that birthdays require deliciousness, though, so last night I baked myself a cake — one that I can justify eating for breakfast.

This is the walnut jam cake that Deb posted earlier this week. I topped it with my homemade strawberry balsamic jam, and as soon as I finish this blog post, I’m cutting myself a hearty slice. (I may have eaten a small piece last night after this photo was taken…)

Other things worthy of celebration?

I finished the double garter stitch waistband of my Kerrera. Despite the frustration of my false start, this went a lot faster the second time through.

Boh understands…something about Kerrera, and I’m happy that he’s keeping an eye on it. He was clearly less worried about it yesterday, don’t you think?

Also, on Friday night I cut off my hair. I can’t exactly articulate why it became so important for me to rid myself of most of its length — something about my hair being sort of inconsistent with the person I am and would like to be. And more specifically, it was getting way too long to spontaneously eat soup. And it required detangling.

So I got out of bed on Friday night and chopped it off. In handfuls. I tried to take a few pictures over the weekend, and here are two of my favorites — more for the way they demonstrate my complete incompetence when it comes to photographing myself than for how they highlight my haircut.

(This is me attempting to capture how long/short it is on the side. But it just ended up looking silly.)

And this one…well, you get the idea.

Time for cake!


17 thoughts on “golden.

  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it’s filled with all things fibery and delicious. Looks like you’ve had head start on the latter. :-)

    Cute haircut and tighter curls too! Now you can do the wash, shake and dry kind of like a poodle? ;-)

  2. oh my gosh! you look beautiful! i love the chop! and the comment about the soup really warmed my heart!!!! you’re hilarious, and beautiful. happy birthday!


  3. Happy golden birthday!! (I LOVE a golden birthday. So cool.) I hope it’s been a great day, and that you enjoyed many more slices of that cake. :)

    Your hair looks fabulous!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good day yesterday and an even better later in the week celebration.

  5. Happy, Happy belated birthday my friend!!! Wishing you a wonderful year, does this make it a golden year too? I bet it will be :)

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