FO: winter storage.

Boh really likes handspun. How about a few more?

You’re looking at what happens when a certain rooster decides to clear off ALL of her bobbins: lots of navajo ply practice wth leftovers of fibers past, and a squishy, 350 yard skein of mostly fingering weight 2-ply from some absolutely stunning Hello Yarn finn in the winter storage colorway.

This was my first adventure with the fast flyer for my Lendrum — first of many, I should say.

And this — this is how I can tell that he really is my dog. He just wants to sniff, paw at, and, let’s face it, roll in all of my yarn.

Happy Monday, folks!


8 thoughts on “FO: winter storage.

  1. That is all so pretty! Alice really likes mohair … how does that work? Nurture every time, I guess.

  2. What a beautiful, happy little pile of handspun! And how lovely that Boh shares your love for fiber :)

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