boh battles the red vacuum cleaner.

(In place of Yoshimi and the pink robots, of course.)

Boh faces his opponent.

(This is a new development. Boh used to hide in his box whenever I would get out the vacuum cleaner. Now, he plays his own version of chicken with the machine: he runs towards it or waits for it to approach him, and then squeezes by it at the last possible moment.)

Boh dashing past the vacuum cleaner.

This is absolutely hilarious, and I wish I’d gotten better photos of the whole sequence. It is rather difficult to operate a vacuum cleaner with one hand and snap photos with the other.

Now, would you like to see some spinning?

Yesterday’s time out made it possible for me to sit down at the wheel and finish the second bobbin of this gorgeous Hello Yarn finn in the winter storage colorway.

This morning, I started plying the two bobbins together, and snapped a few photos part of the way through. This looks to me like it is going to be fingering weight rather than laceweight yarn when it is all plyed and soaked, and I’m thinking it might make a lovely shawl. (That will not be for me to decide, however, as this skein is intended as a gift for a knitter!)

It seems my time out has stretched well into Sunday. That’s the trouble with taking breaks: it is so hard to end the time out and jump back into the fray. Maybe after my afternoon yoga class…


7 thoughts on “boh battles the red vacuum cleaner.

  1. Eeeeek! Run, Boh! Run like the wind!
    Reminds me of my Jasper with the Roomba until they called a truce. Now he feigns disinterest.

    Your Hello Yarn looks wonderful. I’ve been on the waiting list for that club for what seems like an eternity so I stalk it in destashes and live vicariously through photos such as yours.

  2. Boh is a riot! Imagine the fun if you had one of those vacuum bots!

    Love your singles and your plied Winter Storage! Fingering weight shawls are lovely.

  3. Boh! Brave doggie!!

    I am glad that your break has been restorative… And productive!

    Personally, I have gotten nothing done fiber-craft wise. I am too agitated to sit and concentrate…. Hopefully, I too shall be productive soon. You are my inspiration. :-)

  4. That is too funny! At least you know it’s every dog for himself should the vacuum uprising ever come to pass. Pretty spinning, too. And good luck getting back to work (ugh, I know the feeling).

  5. Your spinning is gorgeous – the recipient will be so thrilled.
    Sounds like a much enjoyed weekend.
    Run Boh, Run! :)

  6. Oh Bo-oh, they don’t believe me, but you won’t let that vacuum defeat me…Boh, they don’t believe me, but you won’t let that vacuum eat me.


    ‘Cause he knows that, it’d be tragic, if that evil vacuum wins…I know he can beat it


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