I did something totally stupid and avoidable yesterday while knitting on bracken and decompressing from a long and stressful day: I somehow managed to twist the vest around while picking up the ribbed button band/collar border. I noticed when I bound off.

I did not have the heart to take pictures, but I performed the equivalent of open heart surgery on my vest. I ripped out the seam between the front and back on the right shoulder, and then cut the ribbing. In my mind, I had envisioned being able to pick up stitches on both sides, knit, and kitchener (you know, sort of like making a thumb), but since I had to cut my knitting VERTICALLY, that did not happen. We’re only talking about seven rows here, but there were seven separate ends on each side. (Obviously. Just not to me BEFORE I cut.) So I picked out a few columns to get long enough ends to weave in or (ahem) knot, and then I re-seamed the shoulder, and then picked up stitches from the seam edge and knit a handful of rows in ribbing to fill in the gap I had created. Then I did the ugliest suturing anyone has ever seen, and decided that no one will notice. It looks a lot better now that I’ve picked up and knit the stitches for the armhole ribbing.

bracken needs buttons

Now it just needs buttons. The jury is still out on whether this is a flattering style on me. Bracken is getting a nice, hot, luxurious soak as we speak, and if everything evens out a bit (and if I can get a bit more length out of it) this could be a super fun layering piece. Remember my note on row gauge, and how I figured it was close enough? Those might be famous last words. My ribbing is another half-inch or so wider than the pattern calls for, which might make for some awkwardly fitting armholes. Fingers crossed…

sunset ithaca

So, that’s a bit of a mess, but to make up for it, the universe delivered one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in awhile.

sunset windows

I love the reflection of the sunset in the windows of the house behind mine. What a way to welcome the weekend!


8 thoughts on “disaster/resolution.

  1. That sounds like some pretty intense sweater surgery. I bet it turns out fine. Can’t wait to see the finished vest! And how is your KAL sweater coming? I finished the body and bought buttons this week!

  2. Yikes! I hate those stomach-wrenching realisations when things have gone wrong. It sounds like you pulled through well, though. Boh looks a bit traumatized by the ordeal, poor thing.

  3. Oh–what a crappy thing to happen in general, and even worse on a bad day! Glad you were able to resurrect it and I hope the bath has its intended effect.

  4. Ack, I winced when I started reading your description of what happened with Bracken! That is SO something I would do. Sounds like you got it all fixed, though, and I seriously doubt anyone will notice any wonkiness.

  5. Boh definitely has a pained expression on his face-“No… please don’t make me look. I just can’t”. Sounds like you saved the day despite all and the sunset was your prize.

  6. Oh no! I hate it when disaster strikes … sounds like everything might turn out a-ok, though. Fingers crossed. At least Boh and the sunset were there to help.

  7. That sounds like quite the experience. Then again, what doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger, right?

    Gorgeous sunset. We sometimes have dramatic skies here in Chicago, but I still long to be further from all the streetlights.

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