bracken: blocking/before buttons.

bracken blocking

I gave bracken a nice soak and then tried to get a bit more length out of it as it lay drying on these awesome blocking squares. (These are from Knitpicks, and seriously, they cut drying time in half.)

bracken almost1

bracken almost 2

bracken almost 3

Blocking = magic. Everything relaxed and totally evened out, and I think the length is absolutely perfect. I think Boh agreed, because he kept trying to get in the picture.

boh with bracken

Now I just need to sew on the buttons! (Well, first I need to find some appropriate thread.)

bracken grey buttons

I was looking through my button jars for a set of dark brown buttons, but the ones I have are a bit shiny, so I think I’m going to go with the grey matte buttons on the left.

If only I could make such satisfying progress on my writing projects…


8 thoughts on “bracken: blocking/before buttons.

  1. Style looks great on you!

    I just read your post before this one, I’d be cursing myself a blue streak and have tossed it in the knitting basket while I brewed for a few days. Your resolution was much better. The vest looks terrific. :)

  2. Very nice! I agree with you on the buttons. I have the same blocking squares. I had to buy a second set for blocking my shawls. Looking forward to a modeled shot outdoors in the sun. :-)

  3. Beautiful!!! I really like this. I agree about the grey buttons. I need blocking mats too. Boh shot = magic. He knows this. ;)

  4. I wish papers responded so nicely to a good soak. And the right buttons. Hope the writing is looking better today!

  5. Nice! Glad to see that your disaster-aversion went well. How did /Ceremony/ go with your sections?

  6. It’s fantastic! Especially with those jeans–they look so comfy. Is Boh asking for some knit-wear of his own?

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