It was a quiet Friday, spent trying to catch up with the week: lots of list-making and stock-taking, but also a longer walk to the reservoir with Boh to clear my head and stretch his (okay, our) legs.

yellow1 six mile creek

yellow2 six mile creek

It was a proper eve of Halloween — the sky was grey, the wind, howling, and the familiar scent of leaves settling and decomposing whirled about us. The seasons are starting to turn again, but there are some leaves, branches, whole trees, even, that seem to resist. These solitary bursts of yellow made me smile, and I found myself looking for pockets of color in the muted beauty of these woods.

leaves six mile creek

leaves2 six mile creek

wind in weeds six mile creek

late fall six mile creek

Everything always seems more manageable after a walk along this path.

ming muffins1

ming muffins 2

The oven helps, too. A friend of mine from college has this gorgeous cupcake website that you should all check out, and yesterday she posted a recipe for savory cheddar and scallion cupcakes. Moments after reading this, I was in the kitchen melting butter and measuring out flour. Yum.

winter storage first bobbin

I also finished the first bobbin of Winter Storage, and I’m hoping to start the next one this afternoon — but only if I can get some writing done today.

boh admiring himself

I’ll leave you with a bit of Boh humor. I caught Boh admiring himself in the mirror yesterday. He was so engrossed in his own reflection that I was able to snap a few pictures before he starting looking at me in the mirror. Silly, silly dog.


7 thoughts on “yellow.

  1. The yellow leaved trees seem be losing their leaves together, but it’s the oaks that hold onto theirs for dear life. Some of mine have quite a few that survive on the tree over the winter and don’t fall until new spring buds “kick” them off.

    Boh is so cute. Are those fabric squares something he’s chewed up of yours?

  2. Love the shots of the reservoir. And Boh, who can blame you for being a little vain? You are one good lookin’ pup! Gaze away, handsome!

  3. As well he should, that handsome devil! (did he just finish tearing up some red and green paper? Making Christmas decorations?!)

  4. Those muffins sound divine. Perhaps a trip to the grocery store is in order … Those colors in the spinning: so lovely. And Boh is always a hoot. Glad you could find some perspective. It’s not always easy to get (or keep).

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