and then there were two.

skein2 cmfbfl fo

Two  skeins of handspun Crown Mountain Farms brown bfl! This second skein (on the left) is 166 yards of 3-ply. I decided to use the bobbins from the first skein, and two of them still had a bit of yarn leftover from the first round of plying, so I divided these three ounces to account for the additional fiber and hoped that everything would even out. So with that in mind (slightly more fiber), I’m really happy with the consistency of my spinning! Here’s a close-up of the second skein:

skein2 cmf bfl macro

Boh and I walked down to the reservoir to stretch our legs and check out the fall foliage, and we were not disappointed.

smc4 leaves



smc5 boh

Making time to do this is important to me. There’s something about being in a relationship that made it easier to leave all of the work that piles up and prioritize spending time together. This fall, I’m really trying to make sure I take some of that time for myself.

The weather this weekend was absolutely lovely, and I’m hoping for an October filled with cool mornings, crisp fall breezes, and clear skies.


5 thoughts on “and then there were two.

  1. I think you’re right; when you’re single, it’s much easier to ignore your need for time outside of work. Good for you for recognizing that. I’m sure Boh appreciates the time being made for walks in the crunchy leaves!

  2. I’m hoping that I can be as strong as you have been in the next few months. My long-term relationship ended this weekend and I’m wondering what to do with all my time.

    Guess there’ll be lots of knitting. Maybe I’ll take up spinning ;)

    I’ve loved your blog over the past few months. I saw your transition from relationship to single and how strong you were throughout the process, and I wouldn’t be lying to say that it has influenced my ability to leave him.

  3. I second that. It is harder to make yourself take the time … though it’s no less important. Obviously. It’s a struggle — but fall foliage helps! And some impressive spinning!

  4. Your photos remind me of when I lived in Ithaca. There was an access road similar to that behind Ithaca College near the water tower and the trees were flaming reds and yellows in fall. I also remember the reservoir many, many moons ago. Love your BFL skeins.

  5. What a gorgeous fall walk. Making time for yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. :)

    Your BFL is lovely!!

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