You know, the opposite of work. (Both are occurring this weekend, but the not-work is more fun to photograph.)


Boh likes to “hide” behind or underneath the blanket on my bed. He also likes to chew on it, or pretend to chew on it, as a way of getting my attention.


I see you.



Slow-roasted tomatoes and raspberry muffins. There was also applesauce — a lot of it — but I didn’t take any pictures. Oh, and some knitting!

botanic inprog

I am ready to start the decrease rows, and I am absolutely in love with this hat.


I also adore this pastry cutter — a lovely surprise from a friend who found this at an antique shop and knew that I’ve been looking for a a pastry cutter with a wooden handle. I may have to make up a batch of pie crust to welcome this into my kitchen.

cmf bfl skein2 plied

cmf bfl skein2plied closeup

This is how I know that I’m feeling better. Last weekend, I could not spin – too much work and motion for my tired body and achy head. This weekend, I finished spinning all 3 bobbins of singles, let them rest for 10 hours, and late last night, after a fun evening out with friends, I decided to sit down and ply so that I could set the twist and hang the yarn to dry overnight. (It’s almost dry!)


I think this is Boh’s “get back to work” face.


5 thoughts on “not-work.

  1. He does seem to be suggesting that you should be doing something else, doesn’t he??

    WoW have you been busy for a not-work weekend! I am amazed at how productive your time always seems to be, even when it is doing something for you!! I am such a sloth in comparison!! (Three toed tree sloth…. Not the extinct ground sloth….) :-)

    Keep enjoying the weekend!! I know I am going to. I plan on having a great day!!

  2. Two weeks ago I actually over-roasted my slow-roasted tomatoes, which was a disappointment, as they were probably the last ones from Paul’s boss’ garden.

    I love making applesauce! It’s definitely time to hit the apple orchard.

    Looks like you’re having an amazingly productive weekend.

  3. Great that you’re feeling better. Lovely knitting, spinning and food prep. Mmmm ~ apple sauce. I need to make some soon too.

  4. You are the wizard of productive weekends! Just as Boh is the wizard of cuteness. I’ve got to get to the farmers’ market soon … you’ve reminded me just how far behind I am in enjoying fall produce.

  5. I showed my dog-loving daughter that last pic of Boh and she asked when had he been in our livingroom? Same wheel, similar carpet. You and Boh are welcome to visit us any time! Very cute hat!

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