FO: handspun toast mitts.

five plum pie mitts FO1

five plum pie mitts FO3

These practically flew off the needles this weekend! I started with the toast/toasty pattern as a guide, and then decided on a thumb-hole, rather than the no-thumb or tip-less thumb options in the pattern. I love the look of a full thumb on fingerless mitts, but it always seems to impact their functionality for me: the thumb never fits quite right, and it seems to require that I take the mitts on and off a lot more to keep from spilling things on the thumb section. (Does that make sense?)

five plum pie mitts FO2

I used the 34 st cast on called for in the pattern, with size 6 needles, and made a 4 st thumb-hole. I’m wearing these as I type this morning, and I adore them.

thylacine fiber

Also, the last bit of my fiber splurge arrived yesterday: 2 braids of grey merino dyed with gorgeous shades of reddish orange from the thylacine on etsy. It is an overcast morning, and this picture does not even come close to doing this fiber justice. It is absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to see how it spins up.

Enjoy the last weekend of summer!


8 thoughts on “FO: handspun toast mitts.

  1. Gorgeous Toast mitts, the colours are fabulous. I see they have Boh’s approval too. Could be Boh’s a little envious of them…

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, up here it’s definitely well into fall.

  2. What lovely Toasts! That’s a great project for handspun. Boh appears jealous. I bet you could get booties for him out of 4oz of handspun, too. ;)

  3. I love thos mitts so much! They are such a simple pattern, which works perfectly to show off that gorgeous handspun! Love love love.

  4. Those mitts are perfect! I love the colors together … so pretty. It must feel extra-crafty good to wear something knit up in your own yarn.

  5. I really like those mitts. I knew that yarn was going to knit up into something awesome! I was also tickled to see your gauge swatch for the GYC! I’ve been swatching this evening, and think I’ve finally gotten gauge. I took your advice and washed each swatch, just to make sure nothing funky happens after it’s washed. We’ll see in the morning!

  6. It’s not often I see something that makes me want to rush home and pick up the needles! I love this pattern – as simple as it gets, but so effective. The yarn you’ve used is beautiful too – lovely colours. Thanks for sharing.

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