“now i find myself on the mountainside…”

“…where the rivers change direction across the great divide.” Other Voices, Other Rooms (Nanci Griffith) was on the stereo throughout a fun Saturday night at the home of friends, which prompted me to digitally dig out some Nanci to accompany me through my Sunday.

socks, chacos and mitts

Though it warmed up to the low 70s yesterday, the morning heralded the coming fall, and I certainly needed my socks and mitts for our first lap around the neighborhood. Today’s weather is supposed to be similar — in the 70s by mid-afternoon, but cool and autumny right now.

In preparation for fall — and for a great evening of knitting, wine, and pie — I cast on the Botanic Hat with my leftover Five Plum Pie handspun and some Cascade 220 leftovers.

botanic1 outside

I am loving this hat already: involved enough that I’m interested and paying attention, but simple enough that it qualifies as social knitting. I started on 6s as directed in the pattern, and then decided to stick with 6s after the ribbing instead of changing to 7s in order to compensate for the occasional variability (read: thinner sections) of my handspun.  Here’s a shot of the inside:


I love that this hat is reversible! I’m thinking that it may become a go-to pattern for this year’s holiday knitting, which I guess I should start thinking about…


7 thoughts on ““now i find myself on the mountainside…”

  1. I just showed this to J (I recently bought some fiber to spin with him in mind) and he was so excited. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh! I queued that one up too! Looks like a winner for gifts made with handspun!
    PS – I am checking on Rhinebeck for you.

  3. So pretty! Your handspun is looking mighty awesome in its new life as functional fall knits. Jealous about that fall part …

  4. The inside of the Botanic Hat in handspun is gorrrrgeous.

    I applaud you for matching your knits (hat and toasties). You are a wise woman; I am a color magpie who will wear a blue tweed hat with pumpkin-colored mitts and a plaid scarf. I should really get hip with coordinated knits one of these days.

  5. I love the colours . . . great combo! I suddenly find myself wanting this hat. It’s great to see your handspun being knitted up.

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