too cool for school?


I realize there is a serious debate raging out there in the universe about whether this is acceptable, but I do it all the time. I usually wear my Chacos with commercial wool hiking socks, but yesterday I decided to try it with hand-knit socks. It was a cool, grey but not rainy day, and it was so nice to be able to look down and admire my pretty socks!


handspun shawl2

I finished my shawl yesterday! I ended up using some leftover purple Araucania Nature Wool from my fad classic to lengthen it by a few rows and create a crisper edge.

handspun shawl3

The shawl isn’t huge, but it can wrap around my shoulders, though I think I’ll probably wear it more like a scarf. In order to get a bit more width, I soaked the shawl and pinned it out to block.



It should be dry this afternoon. I’ll say it again: these blocking squares are awesome.



Here is my very happy skein of AVFKW targhee in the hibiscus colorway. I spun up 3 oz., which yielded 240 yards of 2-ply in a dk weight. Targhee may be my favorite fiber to spin — I cannot get over how soft and squooshy this skein feels!


On the list for today? A mixture of school (reading), life (a few groceries), and play (a long walk with Boh). Happy Friday, folks!


8 thoughts on “too cool for school?

  1. Several questions here. First, what is Targhee, exactly? Second, don’t your feet get cold wearing socks with your sandals? And third, are you as excited for the KAL as I am?

  2. Pretty handknit socks should be shown off. I’m a boots kinda gal myself so while they feel great, don’t see them much…
    Your handspun yarn shawl is gorgeous!
    Have a great Friday. :)

  3. Way too cool for school. Nothing makes me feel more like the native NWern that I am than wearing socks with sandals. I love doing it. The shawl looks great in your handspun … so does that lovely, lovely yarn.

  4. Hmmm. I need a kitchen scale AND blocking squares. And maybe try some of this targhee you speak of. Now who’s enabling? I LOVE your scarf/shawl.

  5. you are the absolute coolest. it blows my mind. you’re awesome! everything about this is awesome. i just had to tell you that, even though i’m not actually saying much. just that i like you a lot.

    did i tell you i knit a hat for baby amaya wimmet ater, who arrived (via c-section) thursday night? that little lass is a NINE POUNDER (9lb 5oz, to be exact) which means my little hat was, well, too little!


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