yarn in the sink.

Last night I stayed up late to finish plying my never-ending bobbins of targhee together. I wound it onto the niddy noddy, counted the strands, took a few pictures, and then placed it in a hot water bath with some soak wash. About 30 seconds later, I realized I was incredibly tired, and went about getting ready for bed: I straightened up the kitchen, took Boh out, put on my pajamas, etc. And then I went to brush my teeth, only to look down and realize that there was yarn in the sink. (I may have used a colorful word or two.) I stayed awake for another ten or fifteen minutes in order to give the yarn the bath it deserved, and then rolled it in a towel, snapped/thwacked a few times, and finally hung it to dry.

plied hibiscus

Here it is, pre-bath, nestled on one of my favorite (store bought) sweaters. This stuff is soooo soft, and it is almost dry. (I keep petting it whenever I am in the kitchen.)

leftovers hibiscus

Here’s what was leftover on one of the bobbins. This is one of my most consistent spins to date, so this massive imbalance on the bobbins indicates to me that it might be time to acquire a kitchen scale so that I can split my fiber more evenly, particularly as I start thinking about bigger spinning projects.

fluff fibers

Lastly, this came in the mail yesterday: 2 bumps of superwash merino from FLUFF fibers in the Beach Day and Jungle Flowers colorways. Yay!


7 thoughts on “yarn in the sink.

  1. Your spinning is so inspiring! Makes me want to leave work, go home and spin – right now. I only wish… lol

    The FLUFF looks really nice, looking forward to seeing that spun up on your bobbins.

    I have a question for you ~ how many bobbins to you find you use/need with all your spinning projects? My wheel came with 4, but I’m thinking I could use maybe a couple more.

  2. Ohh, I wonder what the yarn will look like made from your new fiber? Speckel-dy?? (See Jennifer invent new words….) And I am completely inspired by your orange! Must find a good semi-solid orange…. :-) Have a good Thursday!

  3. I think I need a kitchen scale too. Slowly acquiring all the tools. The targhee looks amazing! That Fluff fiber is lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing it spun.

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