wedding shawl in action.

heather and bob1


Here are a few photos, courtesy of friends of the bride who uploaded these to facebook. (The bride tagged me in them so I’d see them and share them here!) She wore it most of the evening, and she made it look even more beautiful than I’d thought it was when it was blocking on my kitchen table.


10 thoughts on “wedding shawl in action.

  1. Oh golly. Beautiful. I heard from other sources that people were commenting on your work all night. Brava! I hope your well-earned rest did you some good. And thanks for dinner last night!

  2. It is SO beautiful!! And look how perfect it is with that color!!

    Thanks for the glasses comment…. It is a harder adjustment than I thought!

  3. The color of the shawl is so beautiful with her dress. Blocking pictures are lovely, seeing the lace so open, but being able to see a knitted object worn and loved is the best!

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