In so many ways. Boh and I went out to the lake on Friday night to see a friend who was away all summer, and is heading off to grad school this week. Last night, I attended a mellow housewarming gathering here in town with some of my favorite people. Today, Boh and I are headed home to celebrate my grandma’s birthday with a backyard barbecue.

And, of course, that bobbin of dark, undyed, local jacob is FULL. I’m working on my long draw, and I’m hoping there’s enough twist in these singles. I couldn’t get 2 full oz. on the bobbin, which gives you a sense of how airy and lofty this yarn is. Later on this week I’ll spin up the other 2+ oz. and ply them together.

We’ll be back tomorrow night. Hope your Sunday is filled with good food and family too.


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