why hello, skein.






238 yds. of squishy 2-ply worsted weight yarn, from 4 oz. of falklands wool in five plum pie from Hello Yarn.

fpp nply full

fpp nply

I navajo plyed what didn’t fit on the first bobbin — so here’s 28 more yards of practice yarn. This is still overplied, but I’m getting into a rhythm with this technique. It is really hard to slow down my feet!

zucchini pickles

Also, zucchini pickles! I made these on Thursday, but the recipe said they’d turn a lovely shade of chartreuse after a day in the fridge. I know the green of my kitchen is tough to beat, but the zucchini really is absorbing the color of the brine. I’m taking these to a backyard bbq later today!


10 thoughts on “why hello, skein.

  1. That yarn is so beautiful!! It has more green in it than it looked like initially!
    I think it is a good thing that I can’t make yarn as well as buying it, because I would have to rent a storage space just for yarn!! I think if I actually spun the yarn, it would be so precious to me that I would have a collection rather than a knitting stash!

  2. The skein is gorgeous! You’ve convinced me that I should really try this spinning thing … maybe my furniture will have picked up a tag-along spinning wheel when it arrives. Hope the zucchini was green and yummy!

  3. Yep. And that’s they way it’s done! Hello Yarn – there’s just nothing like it. Congratulations, lovely skein.

  4. That’s a beautiful skein right there! I’m trying skein #4 right now (still have to ply skein #3) and continue to live in hope of reaching my handspun sock yarn dream…

  5. This yarn is wonderful–the colors are so bright and yet earthy at the same time. When are you going to open an etsy shop? I want to be your first customer!!!

  6. More like hello, gorgeous! Your spinning is getting so good, and the colors here are just amazing!

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