treadle, treadle, treadle.

cvm bob2

I could not stop spinning yesterday. I finished the second bobbin of this gorgeously rich cvm from cosy, and debated plying it right away. Instead, I set this bobbin aside to rest, and dug through my fiber stash.

jacob roving

This is 4 oz. of jacob wool from a farm just outside of town. I picked this up a few months ago at an LYS nearby. (I have the details somewhere in my fiber bin, but I would have to put down my coffee to look for it. Priorities.)

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I sat down to spin this, but oh_my_goodness. This fiber is incredibly soft, and however this was prepared (I’m still learning all my fiber preps/names) left a lot of air in the roving, which made this wool practically spin itself.

jacob first bob

And here’s the progress I made on the second bobbin(!) last night:

jacob bob2

It doesn’t look like I’m going to finish my KAL socks this month, and I think Boh might be okay with that.


I’m interpreting this to mean that he understands that sometimes one has to spend the day (or the weekend) at the spinning wheel.


Here’s my (our?) progress on the emerald city vanilla sock. I’m really getting the hang of the hiyahiya needle, and I’m finding that I can get more done (when I am not forgetting to knit because crazy things are happening on The Wire) because I do not have to look down to either pick up the other circ or rotate to the next dpn. Here’s a close up:


Happy weekend, all! I’m going to finish up this cup of coffee, pour another, and sit down at the wheel.


5 thoughts on “treadle, treadle, treadle.

  1. So much spinning! I’m glad to hear that Boh is okay with your KAL progress. He is obviously learning to balance snoozing and supervising. I love how the sock is knitting up!

  2. Your spinning is unbelievable! I wonder how long it will be until your spinning itself is too tempting and you abandon the wheel to knit some up!

  3. I have never been bitten by the spinning bug…. I love seeing your progress, though!
    And it does look like Boh is going to be able to handle the stress…. :-)

  4. Wow, the yarn looks really great–including that beautiful skein of blue from the other day. I’ve also enjoyed watching your ventures in the kitchen–those pickles are going to taste wonderful! Glad you had a good, safe trip out west–your spot on the mountain looked so peaceful–I could tell you were happy to visit it, again.

  5. Lovely spinning! I couldn’t take the Lendrum camping and I miss him so! I’ll have to spin vicariously with you.

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