Hooray! My math skills tell me that I have at least 400 yards of 3-ply here (426, to be precise). I’ll figure out wpi once the skein is dry, but I am thrilled! There should be plenty here for a pair of socks.

I gave this an extra long soak because of how energized it seemed. (Am I supposed to let my plyed yarn rest, too?) You can see that it is a little curly-q-ish down near the bottom of the hanging loop, indicating some overplying, but on the whole, I’m quite happy about this. I’m still looking for that balance between overspinning/underspinning and over/under plying. (And maybe I’ll be forever looking for it!)

Anyway, I was so excited about how this turned out that I just had to sit back down at the wheel, even though it was WAY past my bedtime.

cvm sunset

This is the first bobbin of 2 oz of CVM from cosy in a colorway named sunset. I just sat down and spun, without a plan. I am already seeing that my default spinning is getting thinner, and that I need to really think about what I’m doing to make a thicker, even yarn. I love the richness of these colors — the perfect antidote to a rather rainy summer?


This guy thinks so (or not). I looked up from plying/spinning several times yesterday to find Boh hinting that he might want more attention. We took an extra walk around the neighborhood last night, and we have plans for either a hike or a trip to the d-o-g-p-a-r-k today.


Also, it is getting to be that time! I realized that this is the last week of my calendar yesterday, and stopped by the campus store to pick up an 09-10 replacement. I love starting a new planner. (Yes, I am a big nerd.) Yesterday I copied pertinent pieces of the fall campus-wide schdule into my calendar and thought a bit about classes/plans for the coming semester, which felt good to me.

That’s enough school talk for a Friday. Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “400+.

  1. So much pretty spinning! Boh must be an awesome fiber muse. Good work, Boh! Starting a new planner is always very exciting … I’ve been debating my options, as mine is about out of pages too. Happy weekend!

  2. Gorgeous spinning!

    The one thing I miss most about being a student is my Perfect Planner(tm). Unfortunately, in the digital age, I haven’t found anything that quite measures up as well.

  3. Weird…10 years ago, I started a planner from the UCLA bookstore (I am a total nerd about planners, too) with an almost identical cover. I am absolutely sure it was the same exact font. I wonder if the same company makes all college planners??

  4. That is extremely gorgeous sock yarn! Great job! I wish I could achieve such loveliness and yardage. How many ounces of fiber did you use? The only thing I miss now that I’m done university – every fall I wish I had a crisp new planner. And pencil case. I miss those, too!

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