boh declares victory/knits-in-action.






I’ve attempted to capture most of the process of stalking this particular kind of cookie. Somewhere in the middle there, it is not uncommon to see the predator (Boh) wriggle around on his back NEXT TO his prey (the cookie). He loves these treats, and takes a good twenty minutes to perform his particular dance of domination and destruction.

On an unrelated note (unless we connect cookie to special treat to holiday to Easter to Easter outfits), I thought I’d post a quick picture of legwarmers-in-action to satisfy the throngs of googlers who seem to reach my blog because of an as yet unsatiated desire for information and pictures related to wearing legwarmers. (I’ve said this before but I am rather puzzled, as my fashion sense is not necessarily of-the-moment. However, I am all about giving the people what they want, and if they want ordinary pictures of me wearing my legwarmers, I’m happy to oblige.)

It was cold on Easter here, but I wanted to wear something springy. I do not really have comfortable shoes that evoke a sense of spring, so I wore my flip-flops. Hence, the subtle presence of legwarmers.


Thrilling, I know, but if this photo provides someone with legwarmer confidence, it will make me happy. You don’t always have to go all Cyndi Lauper in order to keep your lower legs and ankles warm…

Busy day today — hoping to sneak in a few rows of knitting amdist the craziness!


3 thoughts on “boh declares victory/knits-in-action.

  1. The subtle presence is so cute! I’ve never made them, but maybe I should. I do love the flip flops!

    Patches does a similar thing with her toys. She’ll throw them around, then pretend to ignore them, walk over them, look through her legs and hit them with her back feet. Hilarious.

  2. Boh is so darn cute. Legwarmers are so practical and wonderful! I like to wear them “undercover” in the winter.

  3. Of all things that might bring googlers to your blog…..I’ve never even thought to google something like “wearing xxx article of clothing” before. But I do appreciate the shots of your legwarmers in action — makes me want a pair!

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