Excuse the rooster-still-in-her-pjs-photographing-herself-in-a-dirty-mirror nature of these pictures. (Yup, still abusing the hyphen.)



I know these pictures leave something to be desired, as they don’t really give you a good sense of the actual knitting, but I love this sweater. For laceweight yarn, it is moving quite quickly. I’m past the lovely center back gather and plan to log a few more inches at a lecture this afternoon. Hooray!

In less happy news, this guy has not been feeling so hot the last few days. Here’s what he looked like on Wednesday: swollen eye, puffy ears. Boo.


After talking with the vet, it seems like he was having some kind of reaction. The swelling has gone down, and with the help of some antihistamines, he is almost back to his sweet silly self. Here he is, napping in the morning sun:


I’m hoping he’ll be up for a frolic of some sort this weekend, as the forecast is for sunshine and relative warmth!


8 thoughts on “whispering.

  1. Okay don’t hate me but when I saw the first photo of Boh I laughed out loud. I am so sorry, but that expression is priceless. Poor fella, he must have felt miserable! Love ya, Boh, feel better soon.

  2. Aw, poor little guy! I hope he feels better very soon! And it looks like Whisper is fitting you just perfectly.

  3. Poor Boh! I have been enjoying pictures of him on your bed. Sweet doggie!! What is the source of his name??


  4. same thing happened to River this time last year. Turns out she was bitten by a spider and had a terrible reaction! Hope Boh feels better soon and the pancake ears go away! That sweater is coming along tremendously, as well!!!!

  5. Oh poor Boh – I am glad that he’s feeling a bit better!! My pups are so pitiful when they aren’t feeling well – it makes me so sad!

    Punctuation abuse is all well & good in blogging, I think ;) parentheses (commas too) see their share of misuse with me!

  6. What a handsome little guy! Or, rather, not so little. I hope hes’ back on the mend, it’s scary when pets get sick because we have to guess if they feel better!

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