when farmers come to visit.


Life is good. Boh and I are back in our New Home apartment after a lovely Christmas with family. Santa was very good to us, as he always is, and in the land of knitting progress, I finished my dad’s Thuja socks at 10:45 pm on Christmas Eve. He loved them. I don’t have any modeled shots to share, but I’ve been hinting to my dad that a good recipient of knitted gifts actually wears the stuff s/he receives, rather than admire the item as it sits (languishes?) in the sock drawer…

I’ve taken a few days off from knitting — all of my holiday projects burned me out a bit, but I think I’m ready to pick up some mindless projects. Boh and I have a few days of total vegging planned before the next adventure begins. Yesterday we made chicken stock, which made the house smell absolutely delicious, and a dear farmer friend stayed the night on her way back to the North Country. She left us with quite a haul, so there may be a big pot o’ soup in our future.

More knitting content soon, I promise…


2 thoughts on “when farmers come to visit.

  1. The soup was great. I doubled the bay leaves and thyme, and used whole milk in place of cream and chicken stock instead of water, but otherwise followed the recipe.

    I love her cookbook. Everything is so…simple :)

    How is the chicken stock?

  2. You know, I think you would really enjoy the cookbook “Food To Live By”. It’s an organic cookbook, and I’ve never tried a recipe from it that I didn’t like–A LOT! Check it out! Congrats on your Christmas knits, and enjoy the time off!!!

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