not finished yet…

But look! Progress!


I cast on for Thuja today, two days before Christmas. I was planning to concede that I just can’t get it all done, and wrap up the yarn and some measuring instructions for my dad, but this morning I decided to throw that plan out the window and try to get at least one sock ready to wrap. I’ve been knitting most of the day, and I’m going to kitchener this bitch tonight. (Apologies if that offends. It’s late, and it is how I feel!) Here’s one more shot:


Remember those mittens I mentioned yesterday? The ones in Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton? Was I crazy? Cabling AND knitting a super dense fabric out of cotton? My hands did not like me very much last night, and I wasn’t happy with the fit as I made progress on the first mitten, though the cabling did look lovely. I frogged that, and then my mother, in a totally unplanned JoAnn’s encounter (we were looking for denim patches), picked out some polyester/acrylic blend Lion Brand Homespun, and requested a scarf. I was skeptical, being that I detest acrylic, but this isn’t looking too hideous, and she is really happy with it.


I’m just improvising here with something super basic, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’d actually like to make some variation of this scarf, with alternating blocks of garter and stockinette, in a super-luxurious tweedy yarn.  This doesn’t need to be finished in time for Christmas — I just wanted to have something in progress to tuck into the gorgeous Namaste bag I’m giving my (mostly non-knitting) mother.

Alright, time to crawl into bed and kitchener before drifting off to sleep.


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