FO: leftover socks



Apologies for the blurriness, folks. We all know how hard it is to take pictures of one’s own feet. Details on these socks: Cascade 220 superwash, maybe 3/4 of a ball? I bought 2 balls to make a pair of men’s size 10.5 socks, and started a new ball for each sock. I made these with the leftovers. Same basic Ann Budd pattern, size 5 needles. My toes are nice and warm!

Also, this guy wants you to know that even though he is on vacation, he is getting a lot of work done on his green toy:



Boh is currently snoring loudly on the couch. He worked very hard today.


2 thoughts on “FO: leftover socks

  1. Is that yarn I see in the background? Our Sweeter has consumed more yarn than I like to admit!

    And, those socks look awesome :)

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