plying after months away.

15oct - 5(WordPress encouraged me to change my theme because I was using something older and now unsupported, so I did that, and now I’m fiddling with image size and some other things — please bear with me.) Also, this is what happens when you sit down to ply after months of not plying: you ply in the wrong direction until you notice that something just doesn’t seem right. I even had to google “which way do you ply” to confirm that yes, I should be doing this in the opposite direction I spin singles…sigh.

15oct - 4Boh totally knew that I was doing it wrong.

15oct - 3But then I started again, and see? Pretty pretty. (I think the twist could be a smidge tighter, but these singles, spun in the spring, maybe, are really nice!)15oct - 6And I’m excited about the yarn, though I don’t have the label handy to tell you what it is. (My best guess is something awesome from back when I belonged to the Hello Yarn fiber club.)15oct - 1I did a little bit of work on the patio yesterday.15oct - 2And Boh kept me company.15oct - 7This morning he was a ham and a bed-hog.15oct - 8Looks like I’m going to have about 176 yards of this squishy 2-ply. It’s soaking as I type. Happy weekend, friends.


4 thoughts on “plying after months away.

  1. Amy, I have been thrilled to be reading all about you and Boh and now Chefboyfriend. So glad ypu have found someone to share time with and now Boh has another human to spoil him. Sounds like you love your job and where you live. Welcome back to blogasphere.

  2. Oh it looks so nice! I’ve never tried spinning, much less plying!

    I’m glad to see Boh looking so happy. Give him a kiss from me.

  3. Boh is one astute doggy, not to mention cute as all get-out. You’re in good company as far as slacking on spinning. I upgraded from my Ashford Joy to a new Schacht Matchless in March. Although I promptly assembled the Matchless, I have yet to spin on it. I think I feel my spinning is not worthy of a Matchless. :)

  4. Hi there Amy! Just catching up on your posts after not checking friend’s blogs in a long time on Rav and elated to see that you are back!! So the fiber you spun up looks a bit like Pallid. Nice skein on the niddy noddy. I have some in stash. Boh is an older man now. Sweet pea. Hope he is doing well. We have a new pup Lily- 7 months old already. Rose died in 2015 and we finally were ready as was her younger brother at 11 years old. She keeps him young and on his toes.

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