FO: lila.


Lila, blocking. The pattern called for blocking the sweater before knitting the neckline, and then my friend D. and his new dog came to visit, which is why it has taken me a few days to share this with you. (Pictures of his sweet dog, Honey, below.)


None of my pictures of Lila do it justice. The lighting is terrible, and I’m including this shot so you can see the hemline, even though I think I’ll wear this over a tank instead of over a v-neck tee like this one.


Again, awkward pose, but this shot has some of the best lighting in the set I snapped yesterday. You know, when I knit the neckline and then put on the sweater. And then didn’t take it off.


This shot shows how pleased I am with the armhole/shoulder area of the sweater. This construction seems to fit my shoulders better than any top-down raglan I’ve knit. Hooray! I think I might block this one more time, a bit more aggressively, to get a smidge more length and a tad less width in the finished product, but I’m really happy with how this turned out. I promise to take better pictures the next time I wear it.


And here’s Honey, perched in the window.


And here she is napping with Boh after A LOT of playing.


And here she is, absolutely out cold in my grandfather’s chair. Love her.



6 thoughts on “FO: lila.

  1. Even with just the pictures you posted here, I think I’m gonna have to knit this one …

    What a cute pup! I’m glad that she and Boh had a good time together. :-)

  2. What a great sweater! Given the shape of the design it may be hard to get more length out of it. Have you considered unpicking the bind-off , since it’s a top down, and knitting the extra length you want? Granted it doesn’t take care of the width. Looking forward to seeing what works for you.

  3. Lila is awesome! Great color, great fit….urrrgh, now I want one. :) Thank you for the adorable sleeping puppy photos…those made my day!

  4. Gorgeous sweater – and of course, simply delightful images of Boh and his new friend, Honey! :)

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