all lila, all the time.


So that thing I said yesterday about balancing knitting and writing didn’t really happen. But it was the Friday of my spring break week, so I think it’s allowed. Yesterday I finished knitting the body of Lila and started the first sleeve.


I’m following the pattern as written even though I’m a little worried that the length/style of this sweater might not be quite right for my shape. We’ll see!


Boh set his head down on my needle case as soon as I unrolled it to find dpns for the first sleeve. Sweet, sweet dog.


The garter stitch sleeve cuff.


Serious sleeve progress.


Checking the snugness (so far so good) after some knitting with my coffee this morning! Today I do need to write, but I’m hoping to reward myself with at least a few knitting breaks. Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “all lila, all the time.

  1. I’m very tempted to try this pattern, so I can’t wait to see yours!

    Also, please give Boh a kiss from me. :-)

  2. Wow! You are flying through this sweater girl! Go you. Looks like you are making the most of your free time knowing it will evaporate at a seconds notice.

  3. Wow, your fingers are just flying through that sweater. I really like the style of it and am anxious to see it on you when finished. It is the kind that I like to wear. (nice and loose) Boh is such a love to hold down your needle case for you incase a strong wind would come by and blow it away.

  4. Glad that you did get in some knitting time – it’s always important to find some peace – or in this case – pieces that work with the mind. I can bet this is vying for your attention, especially since it’s going so well. Good luck with the work/writing and hopefully you’ll be able to sneak in a bit for knitting here and there :)

    As usual – Boh is just too delightful :)

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