slowly, slowly.


Boh and I are slowly reacquainting ourselves with our home and working to reestablish our routine. Which, for Boh, involves lots of this: napping with his bone on the couch.


I’ve been doing a bit of knitting, and I’m a few stripes away from the home stretch of this wedding present Hudson Bay inspired blanket. I’m seeing the happy couple in April, and would love to deliver this to them…a few months after their first anniversary. (This is what happens when you attend eight weddings in less than twelve months…) I’m really happy with how this is turning out, and I hope they like it!


There’s a new piece of my routine that I’m psyched to tell you about: I’m taking a birding class! I saw this bird, a belted kingfisher, at the end of my first birding class field trip on Sunday and it was so cool. And yesterday I woke up to the clear call of cardinals. I’m learning so much, and I’m excited to get better at identifying all of the birds and birdsong I encounter in my yard. (I might even start taking my binoculars along on my dog walks!)


One more: it’s not knitwear, but I did get a pair of green flats. I’m going to need to wait a few weeks for it to warm up to wear them outside, but I like them.

Also on this week’s agenda? Sitting back down at my wheel. Playing in my kitchen. And getting back into a groove with my dissertation. (Speaking of dissertations, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to brokeknits! She defended last week, and is now Dr. brokeknits — or brokeknits, Ph.D., if you prefer.)

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “slowly, slowly.

  1. So much to love in this post! Sweet Boh knitting, cute shoes, seeing you back in your regular digs…and I can’t wait to hear more about the birding class! We’ve finally got some at our feeder out front (cardinals, sparrows, finches, blue birds, woodpeckers, and starlings), and I love to watch them. I’d love to take a birding class! Have fun.

  2. The birding class sounds like great fun! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing all the birds when we were in Florida last month (visiting the in-laws). We’re beginning to get a lot of birds in the backyard and in the giant evergreen tree outside my bedroom window. The cats go crazy in the morning when the birds start tweeting.

    The Hudson Bay Blanket looks awesome!

  3. Welcome home! I’ve been wanting to take a birding class forever, or at least find a mentor willing to take my son and I out, now that I think he is old enough to really be interested. Every day, we are hearing more and more birds in the mornings…oh, I missed them so much, but wish I knew more about whose songs we hear!

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