Hello, friends. Thanks for sticking with me through a couple of mostly blog-less months! I’m back at the lake house, and Boh is here too. I’ll spare you the details and pictures of the mess I found when I returned (still dealing with that), and instead, I’ll focus on the good stuff. Things like tea, sunset, and my sweet dog.


Lemongrass tea in a beautiful mug a dear friend gave me for my birthday. And a subtle vanilla candle to help me reclaim my space.


Handknits and a snoring pup. Just as it should be.



Sweet dog.


Last night’s sunset.


Coffee, Jolie Holland playing on the iPad mini, and some yarn for inspiration on the coffee table. So good to be home.


7 thoughts on “home.

  1. Sorry to hear that your homecoming was not perfect but at least you have Boh! I look forward to more posts and puppy pics, which I really missed. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the mess! It’s so nice to see you and Boh back where you belong. Welcome home!

  3. Welcome home! Oh no, a sublet-related mess sounds pretty crappy, but hooray for being back in your space with your sweet Boh. That sunset is gorgeous!

  4. Welcome home, Rooster! I hope you and Boh are settling in … it looks like a good start so far. Yay for all of this!

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