This is what canceling office hours and taking a sick day looks like around here. (Also, whoa. WordPress has a brand new photo upload interface.)

Fixings for a magically soothing beverage.

Said beverage.

My classroom, empty before our final meeting of the semester on Wednesday morning. (I was assigned a particularly beautiful room this semester. Last spring, my class on nature occurred in a windowless room.)

A little bit of spinning. This is the second bobbin of Sprout singles. Not sure if I am going to ply this or leave it as singles.

Boh, being silly, and using my knitting as a pillow.

Pure sweetness. I’m feeling much better today, and Boh helped.

Aaaaand he’s snoring. Time to finish my cup of tea and get to bed!


7 thoughts on “sickness/sweetness.

  1. Aww, little snuggly creatures are always so good at helping with recuperation. I just wish my little snuggly creature would sit still for more than two seconds before shouting “up! up!” and then running to rummage around in the trash or something. Also — that classroom is GORGEOUS! Wow.

  2. What a beautiful classroom!

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Looks like you’ve got it under control with the meds, tho. My dog does not leave my side if I’m not feeling well. Boh looks like he’s taking good care of you. :-)

    Feel better soon!

  3. Getting sick as the semester winds down is the worst ever. I’m glad you’re feeling better and taking care of yourself. Having a snuggly pup sure helps!

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