I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I’m pretty sure nothing says “Winter is coming” like a baby mouse scurrying around my dish rack. (Filled, of course, with no longer clean dishes.) This guy hid in this jar-shaped glass when he saw me. After I took his picture, I escorted him to the bottom of the driveway. And then I began the process of investigating for evidence of mice, and scrubbing and disinfecting everything. My love of old houses  means I’m familiar with this process, but I was a little cranky about discovering this mouse late on Tuesday night just as I had finished all of my prep for my Wednesday morning class. Sigh. I understand that the mice are just looking for a cozy place to hunker down. I’m willing to negotiate: they can have the basement (which has an earthen floor — there’s no way I can keep critters out of there), but the kitchen is off limits. Hopefully I can convince them that it is in their best interest to agree to my terms now, before the cold really sets in.

But enough about that. How about some pleasant signs that cooler weather is upon us?

I wore my wurm cowl yesterday. And I totally want another one.

I drank my Thursday morning latte pretty quickly at the coffee shop yesterday. (And finally finished a workable draft of that fellowship application I’ve been complaining about!)

I wrapped myself in my stripe study shawl and sat on the porch with my first cup of coffee this morning.

Aren’t the leaves lovely?

I’ve been spinning! These are Targhee singles in the Sprout colorway from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club (April 2011). In the background you can see what are probably my last snapdragons of the season. Even if winter is still a ways off, the first frost is near. I picked those at the farm on Tuesday afternoon. Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “signs.

  1. Oh no! I love old houses, too, but I just can’t handle mice (or rats, for that matter). This is just one of many reasons I will always have kitties.

    So nice to break out the handknits — they all look cozy and gorgeous. Congrats on the fellowship draft (I’m still working on my abstract), and I’m impressed you’ve found time to spin. So pretty!

  2. Oh, dear, mice are no fun! (Although Alice disagrees with me there.) I hope you’ve not had any return visitors. Seriously, the basement is more than generous … But YAY! for hand knits! That is, hands down, the best part of fall. High five on the draft and HAPPY Friday!!

  3. I live in the country. Mice are inevitable. Don’t love ’em, though.

    I will be forever grateful to you for leading me to the Stripe Study Shawl. I have made two now–one for daughter Jessica and one for myself. When I first saw it, I thought it was far beyond my expertise. Probably was at that point. But watching your knitting pushed me to learn more. Thank you.

  4. I like mice. Just not in the house, especially the kitchen… I agree with Katie, finally being able to wear the handknits is the best thing about autumn. Love the Sprout – I scored some in a destash but I’ve been saving it. Happy weekend!

  5. We’ve been fighting a losing battle against mice this fall, too. I believe we’ve captured and released 5 in the past three months. On today’s to do list: pull the stove out from the wall and stuff every possible crack with steel wool. We’ve sealed up all the other cracks in the laundry room and kitchen, but the kitties keep staring under the fridge. Ick. Good luck with the mouse issue!

  6. It certainly is high season for mice; in fact I’m pretty sure there has been an overpopulation since the spring. I too live in the country and it’s an ongoing battle as the weather gets colder. The best resources for entrapment: 1) a cat
    2) coarse steel wool to plug holes 3) traps (but personally I hate the sound of the snap of the spring crashing down & removing the bodies) 4) if placed in a pet-friendly zone (where Boh can’t access & provided you don’t have cats) a type of poison that the mice will eat & then they will die and dissolve, with no smell. This last solution may sound cruel, but mice can reproduce at an alarming rate and as you know, there is never just “the one.” As an aside … you literally have to dump live mice miles from their source/home or they will return.

    And on a happier note: I really love your blog and knitting. :)

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