porch life.

Reading. With chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Watching a storm roll in from the porch.

A pinwheel blanket begun. A wedding lap blanket the color of the sea.

I did not take this picture on my porch. What kind of flowers are these? This is a snapshot from a walk I took last week in town.

I don’t know why I snapped this picture. But I did wear this outfit on Memorial Day too, so I’m sharing.

This one needs no explanation.

And now I’m all caught up on photos! (And I managed to sneak a little bit of knitting in there.) The wedding I attended last weekend was lovely, and some new friends I made there took me sailing — in a race! It was so much fun, and the perfect way to spend the Sunday morning after a Saturday spent celebrating a very dear friend.

I don’t have any pictures of this, but today I took my first swim in the lake this summer. I’m looking forward to a lot more of that. And now I should really get some work done today…


10 thoughts on “porch life.

  1. California poppies! I think. They’re one of my favorites. And this is one of my favorite blogs. So I don’t know why I’ve never commented…

  2. Sounds idyllic! Once again I’m dreaming of lake house living — keep the photos coming so that I can live vicariously. I agree that the flowers look like some form of poppies.

  3. I agree……………..the flowers are poppies. They are so pretty. I love your blog and all your pictures. Boh is one of my favorite ‘people’ to follow. What a great dog you have. I love all your craftiness too. I have learned quite a bit from you and this blog. Keep it going!

  4. Pinwheel blankets or any blanket knit in the round is one of my favorite wedding gifts. Assuming I have enough lead time.

  5. Never tried a pinwheel blanket. But I just finished a stripe study shawl because I admired yours. Now another of your projects to check out.

  6. California or golden poppies! Beautiful. I’ve wanted those in my garden for ever but have never ordered seeds. They can get as high as 5 feet. I love that they close their petals when they get cool.

    Boh is so cute. :-)

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