asparagus everything.

The farm I joined for the spring season had a festival celebrating all things asparagus a few weeks ago. This is beer-battered, deep-fried asparagus. Yum.

And this is asparagus ice cream. Also delicious.

And this is the farm. So lovely.

Can you spot the snake in the lake? This is the biggest one I’ve ever seen here. Don’t worry, I googled extensively the first time something I thought was a stick turned out to have a tongue. There’s nothing here that is aggressive or poisonous. Still, I was glad to be on the dock.

This guy was too busy focusing on the breeze and the sunshine to worry about snakes in the lake. Stay tuned for knitting and spinning. Promise.


9 thoughts on “asparagus everything.

  1. Ha! I don’t think I could convince my kids to like asparagus even in icecream. So sad! I love it. That snake is totally creepy :).

  2. Asparagus season is holy here. Possibly holier than Lent. But even here, I’ve never seen asparagus ice cream. Nice move, USA!

  3. We have been picking our asparagus for several weeks now. Tonight I’m making asparagus fries with it. But ice cream? That is so different, we’ll have to research that one. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. OMG ASPARAGUS ICE CREAM. The only thing that sounds more amazing than that right now is deep fried asparagus. I won’t be making any this year, as I have one, only ONE, albeit gigantic, asparagus growing amongst the garlic. Ha! Jealous.

  5. That asparagus ice cream just blew my mind! Not sure I could do it, but more props to you for it.

    Now I’m dreaming of relaxing by a lake…

  6. Yum! I am intrigued by this asparagus ice cream … and very jealous of your dock. Even with the snake spotting …

  7. Whoa! I’m going to have to tell my dad about this asparagus ice cream. One of my family’s biggest crops is asparagus, so it’s a staple in my parents’ house during the season. And the beer battered deep fried version…oh boy, that looks dangerous! Yum!!

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