I didn’t mean to just not blog these last few weeks, but it seems that is exactly what I did. Want to see some pictures?

Sweet, silly dog.

Mick told me about green shakes, and I’ve been making them pretty regularly for the last few weeks: some combination of banana, almond milk, green stuff (spinach, kale, etc), something sweet (local honey, a medjool date), and some kind of frozen fruit (mango, berries). They are magical. And delicious.

Lots of walking = happy dog.

Boh and I at a local waterfall, which was roaring the morning after a lot of rain.


A spectacular sunset on the dock.

Boh and a beer: excellent company down at the lake.

Storm coming in at sunset.

My grades are due a week from Monday — so close to summer! Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “oops.

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the green smoothies! I’ve been eating total junk lately (she says while waiting for J to come home with coffee and donuts), but I have big plans for lots of local produce once grades are handed in tomorrow. Good luck during this last week!

  2. Ooh, almost done with the semester! Wishing you all the best with that last week. I love all the lake and waterfall photos.

  3. That is an awesome waterfall and cave! Boh is so cute. I bet the dock and lake are great for summer evenings.

  4. Yay for all of this — especially the end of the semester! Those smoothies do sound delicious …

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