It’s Friday, and I’m making up words. Here’s why:

I know I’m late to this party, but I do think there is a connection between stripes and happiness. This mismatched pairing made me oh-so-happy on Wednesday.

A close-up. (Also, I’ve noticed that when I take pictures of what I’m wearing, I often have a hand on my hip. Is this because I just don’t know where to put it? Or has my subconscious received all sorts of messaging about how to pose that I just can’t help it? That’s what I think about when I look at this picture. Well, that and how much I love stripes.) This is what happens when I post right before bed.

Also, I’ve been spinning! This is Pigeonroof Studios Fiber in Bronzed Teal. I’ve got two bumps, and I’m spinning up a squishy light-worsted 2-ply. I should have about 450 yards when I’m done. And I’m almost halfway there!


My lazy kate, propped up on a pile of books in my office. This was not really a good idea, as it toppled so many times I lost count.

Yarn, pre-soak. I snapped this picture because I was so pleased with how well-balanced this particular skein seems to be. Sort of hard to see that in the photo, but I’m really happy with it.

And then there’s this guy. I’m so very happy with him, too. The weather is supposed to be extra nice tomorrow, and I’m hoping we’ll get in a nice long walk. He’s earned it. Happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “stripeyness/happiness.

  1. I have always loved stripes; I tend to buy striped shirts all the time. I love that outfit! And the spinning and Boh. His ears are too cute! Enjoy that walk today. You earned it, too!

  2. Stripes do equal happiness! And this combo is pretty awesome. Happy weekend! Happy walking!

  3. Hooray for stripeyness and happiness! I’m *so* glad it’s the weekend. What a busy spring! Boh looks like he’s ready for some outdoor adventures.

  4. I can see the squishy-ness! Looks awesome and don’t you love it when the plies balance all on their own?

    Any plans for it?

  5. I love the Ying-Yang-ishness of the 2 different sets of stripes. If they were the same they’d blend in in a very boring way. Love Boh’s bat ears. :-)

  6. I’m loving the stripes together — I can see why it made you so happy, and I am now determined to try the same.

    And I think we all have some sort of photographic quirk…I have to physically force myself not to tilt my head to the right whenever a photo is taken of me. My mom actually swears by hand-on-hip, though, and she is pretty photogenic.

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