So, I went to bed last night sleepy after a good day of work and play. And then I woke up around 5 am — or rather, I think I went to roll over, and a not-so-pleasant twinge in my back woke me up. I think my hours of writing are catching up with me. Anyway, it took me forever to get myself out of bed and to the Advil. I was very sleepy, and muttering things like, “I need help. There’s no one here to help me” to myself. (Not helpful.) Poor Boh was very confused. The Advil helped me to get back to sleep, and when I actually got up, it became clear that while I was a bit more mobile than I’d been in the middle of a REM cycle, I was not doing a good job of turning my head to the right. OWCH.

Some stretching, some coffee, and a phone call to a massage therapist, and I’m feeling a little better. I’m functioning, but slowly. (And I’ve got an appointment for a massage.) If this is what 30 feels like, I don’t like it one bit. I’ve got a conference paper and a diss-chapter-chunk to finish up, both of which will likely progress more slowly now that my neck and back are in revolt. Boo. Allow me to distract you (and myself) with some pictures of very pretty fiber:

Floating Down (Hello Yarn Fiber Club, 75% BFL/25% Tussah Silk) singles on the bobbin.

A close-up, pre-soak.

Draped over my arm. Aren’t these colors lovely?

The whole thing, ready to air dry. I’ve got just over 400 yards of singles here, and I can’t wait to cast on something in it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to take a few days off from yarn and fiber to let this twinge in my neck/back heal, but at least I can daydream about shawl and cowl patterns, right?


7 thoughts on “OWCH.

  1. Oh no!! Been there, done that. Prevention is usually the key — not always using the same desk chair (swap it with a dining chair or the like), standing up fairly often, going for walks, increasing core strength (Pilates/yoga/weights) — generally just not overdoing it with the sitting.

    I’m getting better about varying my routine (and I actually had more of these problems in my late 20s than now, which is early 30s). Speedy recovery!

    Another thought — can you set up an impromptu standing workstation to work at a bit in the next couple of days while you have these deadlines?

  2. Also, I’ve been happier since I went back to using a desktop computer rather than hunching over laptop.

  3. That’s terrible about your back! Is it feeling any better now? I’ve been having back trouble lately, too. Take a break now so you can do some spinning and/or knitting next weekend!

  4. I’m so sorry! Back pain is the worst! I second Jodi’s suggestions and will just add that pilates really, really help me with my back problems (like no more pain!). In the meantime, take it easy and be good to yourself. Feel better!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I can totally relate to back pain, there’s nothing more evil. On a happier note: Your handspun is absolutely awesome!

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