Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Anyway, not much to report around here — just slow and steady progress on the hap blanket. And a sweet, snoring dog keeping me company.


6 thoughts on “hap-pening.

  1. Cute title! And cuter dog. I started a Hap blanket last year but got my wires crossed. Maybe I’ll try it again; it’s funny how sometimes it takes two (or three) tries to break through even the simplest patterns sometimes.

  2. The snoring of pets is so much cuter than the snoring of humans! You’re speeding along on that hap blanket. I looked at my old project notes, and
    apparently switching colors after YOs on the edging was especially tricky for me. I hope you find a better way to do it and then report back, as I’d like to make another, larger one eventually!

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