heels and a hap.

Crazy, right? I tend to always vote for sensible over sexy in the shoe department, but I’m attending wedding #4 (of 8 this year) next weekend, and I realized that I do not have non-summery shoes suitable for black-tie-optional affairs. (And, you know, teaching. I’m teaching a course I designed this spring, and I figure that being the “instructor of record” might warrant tall shoes. It could also be that I am missing M., a friend currently traveling the back roads of the deep South for research. She wears tall shoes.)

Anyway, I ordered two pairs, and decided to keep them both. Here’s the first pair. I actually wore these to the coffee shop earlier this week to “practice.” No wipe-outs. And I feel awesome in these shoes. (Years ago I would have shied away from shoes like this, both for practical — a broken toe from my rugby days — and political — as affirming certain cultural ideas about prettiness/beauty — reasons. The toe has healed, though, and while my politics are perhaps more radical and feminist than ever, they’re also more nuanced.)

So, I love them. And while they aren’t the most comfortable shoes I own (hello, flip-flops), they’re for me, and nobody else, and I think they’ll give me that extra boost of confidence I’m realizing I need to attend so many weddings this year by myself.

Speaking of which, also on the wedding to-do list was to decide on a gift. Ages ago I thought I’d knit a pinwheel blanket, which seems to be my go-to wedding gift knit, but when the time came to cast on (okay, really the time should have come a few weeks ago), I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I really like the idea of giving a lap blanket because it is cozy (perhaps cozy enough for two — and certainly cozy enough for two newlyweds) and not super gender-specific. This next wedding is the wedding of one of my best guy friends from college, so I want to knit something that feels like it is for him (though I also really like the woman he is marrying, and think they are a great fit).

After a lot of digging around ravelry, I settled on the Hap Blanket, by Ysolda Teague. I’m using two greens — a greyish green heather, and a deeper olive/army green for the contrast color, both in Cascade 220. I’m following some super thoughtful mods I located on a few projects: provisional cast-on, and revised numbers for worsted weight yarn. I don’t think I’ll have this done in time for the wedding, but I’ll bring it to knit on the plane, and then I can send it to the bride and groom shortly afterwards. (They’re getting married not where they live, so I feel like sending it to them at home is best.)

I love squishy garter stitch. So cozy and warm and home-y. Other things that fit this description?

Garlicky chard and toast. Also, this guy:

Yep. I love this dog. Boh and I are going to settle in for an evening of knitting on the couch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


9 thoughts on “heels and a hap.

  1. The shoes are great! I understand what you mean about heels and gender norms, but feeling confident is always a good thing. If they’re comfy and you feel good, then that’s a win/win. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. Your line about being more nuanced in your politics now resonated with me. i feel the same way, thinking about my feminist ideals in high school compared to my 35-year-old self. There’s a great deal to be said about choice, I think.

    Good luck with the new shoes!

  3. Nice heels! I have similar reasons for not wearing high-heals but most important is the fact that I simply cannot walk in them. Your new shows would land me straight at the A&E with broken ankles…;-) Boh is cute as always – hope you had a lovely evening on the sofa!

  4. The shoes look great. I, or rather my feet, gave up heels/tall shoes awhile ago. I think it’s because I wore Berks all the time. My feet just refused to be trapped in fancy shoes. I and my feet thought we were going to die at my daughter’s wedding.
    The blanket’s a great gift, but good luck with all that garter stitch. Though I’m sure having a dog like Boh in your lap while knitting is a big help.

  5. I live on the back roads of the deep South. I’ll be on the lookout for a stranger wearing tall shoes. If I spot her, I’ll offer her a little extra Southern hospitality. And it’s pretty good in the basic form.

  6. Ooh, terrific shoes! I love the look of wedges.

    That blanket is going to be a huge hit. Very cozy, and the colors are both classy and natural-looking. Have you knit this pattern before? I knit one a few years ago, and I remember the edging being slightly more complicated than I anticipated (something about the YOs by the corners?).

    Thanks for your thoughts on West Elm’s furniture. I’m torn… maybe we’ll wait and see if there’s any extra money left in the coffers after the holidays.

  7. Those are some fabulous shoes! I love wedges, and the shape of those particular wedges is really sexy! No reason you can’t be a feminist in tall shoes — it’s about choice, right? It’s so great to find something you feel awesome in, especially when there are multitudinous weddings to attend. And I think teaching a class certainly warrants new, fancy shoes, too.

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