Today is my blogiversary. Has it really been four years? To celebrate, I got my blog a present: its very own domain. You can now find us at barefootroosterDOTcom, though the wordpress home will automatically point you to the new domain. (Everything else is staying the same — still hosted at and by wordpress. I’m not that technologically fancy!) RSS feeds should still work, but if they don’t let me know.

Also, thanks for being here, for reading, for commenting, and for knitting, spinning, and cooking with me. I say this every year, and I’ll keep saying it because it is true: I’ve found more community on the internets than I ever thought possible. Thanks for being part of it.


19 thoughts on “four.

  1. Happy blogiversary! And thanks to you for sharing Boh and your spinning and knitting and your PhD progress and the cooking! I’m always glad to see your RSS feed blinking in my outlook box! (also, the feed still works, at least for me)

  2. Happy Blogiversary. I’m new to your blog, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. It was because of you that I went and bought the Wool book one from Quince and Co. I love the Agnes sweater.
    It also doesn’t hurt that you have an adorable dog.

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I’m glad I found your blog, it’s part of my daily routine. Coffee and blog lurking!

  4. happy blogiversary! your blog still is one of my favs of the interwebs. Moar pics of yarn and cooking and cute dog! :)

  5. Congratulations on your four years and your new domain! (Must be a 4-year thing…you and I started blogging around the same time — me in May 2007 — and I was just looking into purchasing my domain last weekend). Here’s to many more years of Barefoot Rooster!

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