autumn is for knitters.

You know, like Virginia is for Lovers. Snapped these last two shots this morning before dashing out the door to meet a friend for breakfast. It is a grey fall day, perfect for a knitted layer like whisper, which is currently adding just the right amount of cozy to a day of reading on the couch. (I’m reading, not writing, today because I finished a draft of my prospectus last night. It’s still very much a draft, but it feels good to have something real on paper.)


13 thoughts on “autumn is for knitters.

  1. The up-side of being as dreadfully behind on blog reading as I am is that I just had a wonderful time reading a big chunk of Barefoot Rooster posts. You have done so much in the past few weeks! Including making a gorgeous sweater (I’m drooling, honestly…the color is so perfect!) and about a million pies. And finishing your prospectus! Yay!

  2. So true. High five on that prospectus draft!! And on all the hand-knits … and the adorable pooch.

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