FO: rhinebeck cauldron part 2.

This is the second half of my Rhinebeck/Cauldron experiment, 188 yards of squishy 2-ply (in 150 and 38 yard skeins). My initial plan was to make this into another eternity scarf, and while I’m not sure if I’m going to to follow that pattern exactly, I think this yarn still wants to become a big squishy ’round the neck sort of thing. I’ve got 400 or so yards total to work with, which gives me lots of options. What would you make with this? (Boh clearly has no opinion, as evidenced by these photos.)

Did you see the curry recipe Andrea posted last week? I made it on Sunday night, using tofu that I browned in butter instead of the seitan meatballs. Mine is a very different color (due, I think, to my use of a can of coconut milk instead of coconut flakes rehydrated in water), but I’m guessing it was the same level of deliciousness. Oh my. So good, so easy, so going into my kitchen recipe binder.

They are hard to see, but I’m pretty sure that this is a mother Merganser and a whole slew of ducklings. A few are riding on her back, and the commotion you see here is all the rest hurrying to keep up!

And here is Boh, happily lounging on the dock next to the picnic table. It is supposed to be HOT today, so I’m guessing we’ll find ourselves out by the lake this afternoon, though not until after we do a lot of work around the house. My parents brought a truck full of furniture yesterday — things from their basement and from my grandmother’s house (she just moved into a smaller apartment in an assisted living facility), and they’ll be here for a few days to work and play. We have plans to plant some containers full of herbs, replace the shower head, decide about a dehumidifier for the basement…things like that. I’ll have lots more lake house pictures soon!


10 thoughts on “FO: rhinebeck cauldron part 2.

  1. The yarn looks gorgeous! Such a great blend of colors! I think that the Madelinetosh Honey Cowl might be a great pairing. The colors and the texture would be awesome.

    Glad to see your version of the curry! That looks so delicious. I’m going to try it again with coconut milk to see the difference. Love curry!!

  2. Wow! Beautiful yarn there!! Boh looks totally content on that dock. Fixing up your place sounds super fun!!

  3. LOVE how the yarn turned out. I think it definitely needs to something squishy for around the neck — and something pretty simple so those colors can shine!

  4. It’s been fantastic to see you settling so nicely into your new home. I cannot wait to run and jump off that pier this summer! ;-)

  5. So pretty! I like the honey suggestion, but it would be hard to go too far wrong. Much like with curry.

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