porch spinning.

Yesterday I brought my wheel to the porch and spun the singles for my second skein of my Cauldron/Rhinebeck mash-up yarn.

This one is Hello Yarn Cauldron.

And this one is SCF Rhinebeck. I was having so much fun that I plyed them together as the sky grew dark. (Dark = no pictures of the 2-ply. I’ll take a few tomorrow.) Porch spinning might be my new favorite thing. Lots more of that to come.


8 thoughts on “porch spinning.

  1. I can see why spinning on the porch would be far superior to spinning anywhere else. Enjoy!

  2. Great way to relax, sitting on your porch spinning. Took my drop spindle on holiday to North Wales and did some in my tent, but a bit to windy, so not much done. Husband sent me to my room yesterday to calm down as I was very stresssed, told me sit and do some spinning on my wheel – worked a treat. Look forward to seeing the 2ply – fantastic colours. Anita

  3. I spin on my deck which is fun too, though a stiff breeze can be somewhat problematic, hence the advantages of an enclosed porch.

  4. Porch spinning sounds so wonderful! Now that the weather is nice, I’ve got to make a point to take my wheel outside and enjoy the sunshine while I spin!

  5. Beautiful singles! I am going to work at the local farmers market with my spin guild on Saturday. I get to take my wheel and spin in public!! It is to support our local Shilo Museum and the local historical society.

    Have a great weekend and pet Boh for me!

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